Booking Rules

1. Must be 25 or older to book.
2.    Quiet hours are 9pm-9am
3. Rental agreement must be signed within 3 days of booking to confirm reservation. 
4.    If you have more than the maximum number of guests without approval, you will be asked to leave right away, and there will be no refund.
5.    If you bring more than maximum number vehicles, you will be asked to remove them.
6.    The use of firearms, fireworks, and any weapons are prohibited on the property. This is a local and state law, and against the rules of the subdivision. If firearms, fireworks, or any weapons are used on the property, the local authorities will be called, and you will be asked to leave without a refund.
7.    You are responsible for the safety of yourself and your children. The hot tub does not have any lifeguards on duty. Using the hot tub is at your own risk.
8.    Guests agree that they will use the hot tub at their own risk. No food or drinks are allowed in the hot tub. No soaps or bath salts are allowed in the hot tub.
9.    When using the wood fireplace indoors, the screen must be shut. The guest will be charged for any burn marks to flooring or furnishings. Do not leave the fireplace or fire pit unattended while in use.
10.   Indoor smoking is strictly prohibited. If there is a smell of smoking inside the home, you will be charged for all costs that come with getting rid of the smell. If you smoke outside, it's your job to put out and get rid of your cigarette butts safely. There is a $100 fee if our cleaners have to clean up cigarette butts.
11.   Guests must only use the property for legal reasons. Any other use, including but not limited to illegal drug use, abuse of any person, harboring fugitives, sex trafficking, etc. will result in the cancellation of the reservation without a refund, and local authorities will be contacted immediately.
12.   Smoke alarms are safety requirements. During your stay, if you hear the alarm chirping, please let us know right away so that we can make arrangements to replace the battery. It is prohibited to tamper with or turn off smoke alarms.
13.   There are security cameras on the exterior. If any guest tampers with, turns off, or covers the camera, they will be asked to leave the property and no refund will be issued. The camera records visual and audio at all times.
14.   When you leave during your stay or at check out, all exterior doors and windows must be locked.
15.   No parties allowed on the property.